Working to end Homelessness

iRecycle has supported ending homelessness from its inception.

Our ideology is to benefit the environment from within the company, as well as outside through the specialist services we provide to our clients.  We are enormously proud to enable homeless candidates back into work, providing employment, stability & support to them as they return to independent living. 

Our employee (Right) Marian, successfully applied for his own property this year and we are delighted that he was handed the keys to his new home in May 2019 & no longer lives in a shelter or on the streets. Marian was our first fulltime employee and is also one of our RtW drivers.

Hours of employment to staff previously homeless since Jan 2019

“Irecycle are committed to ending homelessness, by helping people directly out of homelessness and campaigning for the changes needed to solve it altogether.”

Sarah Lancaster, Ambassador for Positive Change